Tools for creating and testing .htaccess file


Tools for creating and testing .htaccess file


In this post we will learn about .htaccess file and two amazing tools for you to create and test it. One of the the tools is the basically a collection of most commonly used .htaccess rules and other one is an .htaccess tester tool for testing your .htaccess file.

So first of all what is .htaccess file ? It's full form is "hypertext access" which is basically a configuration file for your Apache Server. The .htaccess file allows you to set server configurations for your server root directory and its sub directories as well.

You can use this files for showing Error Pages, Redirects, Disable a particular Directory, Force HTTPS, Force or Remove Trailing Slashes, Deny Access Hidden Files and Directories etc.

Most common rules of .htaccess are:

  1. .htaccess redirect url
  2. 404 page not found .htaccess
  3. Add / Remove trailing slash .htaccess
  4. Force htaccess redirect http to https

So if you are new to this and don't have much idea about configuring the .htaccess file you might end up messing with the config file.

So checkout this simple github page. This contains a collection of useful .htaccess snippets, all in one place which have got you covered with most of the required config rules written already which you might want to set for your web server. So copy and use whichever you require.

Please make sure before making any changes to your .htaccess file take a backup of this nifty file. Because the if you cause any error or mistake while writing the rules in your .htaccess file it can cause your server to be misconfigured. This can result in your website not working!

Htaccess Tester

So to test the rules you have written we have an amazing htaccess tester tool available which you can use to test your .htaccess file on

Happy Coding!