Share your Code Online in RealTime for Free


Share your Code Online in RealTime for Free


We all are going through this pandemic and found out our own ways of working from home. In this post we checkout this website which allows us to share out code online in Real-Time and for free.

So the name of the website is Codeshare enables developers to share code in real-time. Write or paste code in your browser, share the URL, code in real-time with friends and team mates.

It provides a full screen text editor for writing code and we can share this code to anyone we like by just sharing the your URL generated by the website. You can either click on the share button and your will get a link to share your code. So anyone with the link would be able to see what's your code in realtime and the can also edit the code your are sharing.

The website do provide an option to share the code with people in View Only mode by Signing Up on their website.

The website also allows us with a custom settings which we can use to change view and style of the editor according to our preferences. It provides us with bellow settings:

  1. Syntax
  2. Tab Size
  3. Theme
  4. Keymap

Using these features we can change the programming language we want for proper syntax Highlighting. We can change the Tab Size option just like we do in our Code Editors. Also we can Change the theme of our Editor from the provided options.

The website provides us with Video Chat, Save Code and Download Code Options as well. Which is very useful to co-ordinate with people while sharing your code.

This website is very useful for people who don't want much of application installed on your machine and want an easy to use interface which is accessible just from your browser. You can use this website for Teaching purposes taking Interviews or for fun with your teammates. Use this website for sharing your personal works and don't share your office's/corporate's works online without proper consent of your company. Check the website for more details.

Hope you Find this post useful.

Happy Coding!