Enable Together Mode in Microsoft Teams


Enable Together Mode in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft has launched a new feature for their teams application. Together mode is one of the feature of new meeting experience in Teams app. The together mode uses AI segmentation technology to digitally place participants in a shared background. This makes you feel like you’re sitting in the same room with everyone else in the meeting or class as shown in image above. Below is the difference between the normal meeting experience and together mode meeting experience.

Who Can Use Together Mode in Teams?

The Together Mode feature is available to all users. As of now, it is available for the desktop version only but will be extended to the Android/iOS Teams application soon mentioned by Microsoft Teams. As seen in the picture above, the Together Mode feature will be launched with an auditorium view. This view provides a semblance to people gathered in an auditorium, while you watch the audience as a speaker. More views are expected to be launched as the feature evolves.

How do you get team mode together?

Open Microsoft Teams, Click on profile icon > About > Version – Now you can see the current version of MS-Teams make sure you are updated to latest version.

Now Click on profile icon > Settings > Put a check mark in “Turn on New Meeting Experience”

Then In Teams Go-to your calendar, Click on Meet Now > if the new meeting experience is enabled, user find the meeting controls at top of the window.

Microsoft ensures that the Teams app will now segment the faces using Artificial Intelligense (AI) and bring everyone together. This feature requires at least need 4 participants from same tenant to enable Together Mode in Microsoft Teams. Together mode stays greyed out until the 4th participant joins the call. Microsoft states that the gallery view can fit up to 49 users max at present.

In addition - Dynamic View, Large gallery view, Live reactions, video filters are also features of new meeting experience 

Advantages of Together Mode

The primary benefit of Together Mode in Microsoft Teams is being able to see all the members of the meeting together as if they are one room or class and sitting together. It can discard the old classic video call feature where you can see one people at a time with a boxed view which nullifies to see just a restricted number of people at a time is eased. When you make a normal Teams video conference, the person who is talking frequently appears on the meeting screen with the boxed view. The rest of the persons in the meeting are in the background and are virtually ignored until they start talking in the meeting. This new feature ‘Together Mode’ acknowledges this issue. You can easily view all the people present on the call as well as read their body language and reactions during the meeting, just like we do can in physically with ease of our homes. Also this advantage is otherwise very difficult in their home environments or different backgrounds.

FAQ's related to Together Mode in Microsoft Teams

Below are the most frequently asked questions related to Microsoft Teams.

Teams Together mode how many users

Microsoft Teams Together Mode can accommodate up to 49 people at a time, and currently only becomes available when at least five people have joined the meeting. Soon, however, Microsoft is making it so that the feature can be used with just two people.

Microsoft teams together mode not available

Update Teams or Reinstall the App. Make sure you're running the newest Teams app version on your computer. Click on your profile picture and select Check for updates. Restart the app and check the results. If you still can't enable Together Mode, uninstall Teams, restart your computer and reinstall the app.

Microsoft teams together mode backgrounds

Microsoft Teams Together Mode is a more immersive way to present participants in a Teams meeting. The original theater scene is being augmented with new scenes including boardrooms (suitable for small meetings) and amphitheaters (for large meetings). At the same time, the view used for Teams meeting recordings is changing from 2×2 to 3×3.