Create Beautiful Code Snippets


Create Beautiful Code Snippets


Ever wondered All the posts on web and blogs people post beautiful code snippets with highlighted text.

In this article we are going to see how most of the people create beautiful code snippets simply using a online tool. You can do it too using this website

This website allows you to write code in whichever language you and exports it in an Image formats(PNG, SVG). Offering the syntax highlighting for all popular languages. It give beautiful Apple styled Editor view with its icons which are optional.

It gives you multiple options to customize your snippets according to your choice. It gives you a toolbar at the top of the module with options to modify your code snippet's view and settings. Below are the options provided.

  1. Change the theme of the code in Blackboard option.
  2. You can select the Programming language if doesn't automatically detects it.
  3. It allows you to change the background color of the snippet.
  4. Also it provides you with options like height, width and padding options to adjust the view of your code snippet.
  5. You can set the option to show numbers each line of code.
  6. It also provides options like Line Height and Prettify Code.
  7. Export the Beautifully created code snippet with Image types PNG or SVG.

Hope you find this post meaningful and create beautiful code snippets and share across the web.

Happy Coding!