How to Install Docker on Ubuntu using the Convenience Script

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu using the Convenience Script

There are 3 methods to install Docker on Ubuntu. Below are listed three methods which we can use to install Docker on Ubuntu

  1. Install Docker on Ubuntu using the apt repository
  2. Install Docker on Ubuntu using the convenience script
  3. Install from Package

Docker provides a convenience script which we use to install Docker on Ubuntu

We just have to download that script from this link Convenience Script to install Docker into development environments non-interactively.

Although we can use this method and use this method of installing Docker on Ubuntu is recommended only for the development environments.

It’s useful for creating a provisioning script tailored to different development needs.

Things you should consider before Install Docker on Ubuntu using the convenience script

  1. Inspection of scripts downloaded from the internet before running them locally.
  2. Before installing, be cautious with potential risks and limitations of the convenience script.
  3. The convenience script requires root or sudo privileges to run.
  4. The script attempts to detect your Linux distribution and version and configure your package management system for you.
  5. The script doesn’t allow you to customize most installation parameters.
  6. Using convenience script to update the docker version might not update to the expected version

You can check other methods to install Docker On Ubuntu as follows:

  1. How To Install Docker On Ubuntu Using Package

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