30 Docker Commands you Must Know

30 Docker Commands you Must Know

Below are the most useful docker commands that you must know if you are an software engineer. These are the essential cli commands which you should know if your are using or learning Docker.

List of cli commands for docker

Docker Version

docker version : displays the version information of the docker installed on the system

Docker Search

docker search : Searches for images on Docker Hub.

Docker Pull

docker pull : Pulls an image from Docker Hub.

Docker Run

docker run : Creates a container from an image and starts it.

Docker PS

docker ps : Lists all running containers.

Docker PS -A

docker ps -a : Lists all containers, including stopped containers.

Docker Exec

docker exec : Executes a command in a running container.

Docker Stop

docker stop : Stops a running container.

Docker Restart

docker restart : Restarts a stopped container.

Docker Kill

docker kill : Forces a container to stop.

Docker Commit

docker commit : Creates a new image from a container's changes.

Docker Push

docker push : Pushes an image to Docker Hub.

Docker Images

docker images : Lists all images.

Docker RMI

docker rmi : Removes an image.

Docker Build

docker build : Builds an image from a Dockerfile.

Docker Network

docker network : Creates, manages, and connects Docker networks.

Docker Volume

docker volume : Creates, manages, and attaches Docker volumes.

Docker Login

docker login : Logs in to Docker Hub.

Docker Tag

docker tag : Tags an image with a new name or alias.

Docker Inspect

docker inspect : Displays detailed information about a container or image.

Docker Logs

docker logs : Displays the logs for a container.

Docker Port

docker port : Displays the exposed ports for a container.

Docker Swarm

docker swarm : Manages Docker Swarm clusters.

Docker Compose

docker compose : Creates and manages Docker applications.

Docker Trust

docker trust : Verifies the authenticity of Docker images.

Docker Scan

docker scan : Scans an image for vulnerabilities.

Docker Healthcheck

docker healthcheck : Configures a healthcheck for a container.

Docker Config

docker config : Manage Docker configuration files.

Docker Secret

docker secret : Manage Docker secrets.

Docker Plugin

docker plugin : Manage Docker plugins.

For more info you can checkout the official Documentation for Docker

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